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Chitral floods leave widespread damages to houses, other properties

Houses damaged by floods in Jughore village of Lower Chitral.

CHITRAL: Torrential rains started in Chitral town and nearby areas on Monday evening, leading to flooding in streams and nullahs besides inundating houses, Rescue 1122 stated.

It said rainwater entered houses in different localities, including the Tableeghi Center at Xang Bazar, and emergency service staffers were in their toes to help the residents. 

Chitral polo ground inundated after torrential rain.

Jughore village is the most affected area where houses have been damaged by floods.

Moreover, floodwater has entered houses in Hon village of Chitral, prompting the residents to flee. The torrential rain and flooding also damaged standing cops, especially wheat, and unripened fruits.

Chitral Gol is in high flood and people living on both sides of the stream have fled to safer places. Jughore Gol and Chumorkhon Gols are also flooding. Roads to and from Chitral town are blocked.

The stream flooding has increased the volume of water in the river Chitral and there were reports about the river eroding private land and changing its course, especially in Ayon.

However, the main Chitral road after closure for a few hours on Monday evening remains open for all types of traffic.

Meanwhile, the polo ground in the town where a tournament was ongoing, was also inundated by rainwater.

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