FIR registered against villagers for attacking resident

FIR registered against villagers for attacking resident

CHITRAL: Police have registered a First Information report (FIR) against 30 residents of Awi-Shoghore village in Lower Chitral on the charge of attacking, threatening and manhandling a resident.

According to the FIR, Abdul Jalil, a resident of Awi-Shoghore, submitted an application to the Shoghore police, stating that at 11:30pm on June 8 he was returning to his home when he found a large number of people gathered near his house.

He said the people had blocked the road and as soon as they saw him they pounced on him and manhandled him besides snatching his wallet that contained Rs5,000 and his national identity card.

Mr Jalil said the residents of the village were angry over his meeting with Shahzada Mazharul Mulk, son of Shahzada Haiderul Mulk. He said Mr Mazhar had visited his house at about 7pm the same day. He said the locals threatened him for visiting the house of Shahzada Haiderul Mulk. 

He said some of the villagers had been holding meetings and trying to occupy land of the sons of late Shahzada Mataul Mulk.

He requested the police to take action against the nominated and other people of the village for attacking, threatening him and trying to take the law into their hands.

In the FIR, the police added that the complainant was being referred to the District Headquarters Hospital for confirmation of injuries and the higher authorities were being informed about further action in the case. 


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