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An element of beauty – flowers

Gul Hamad Farooqi 

CHITRAL: Man has been naturally fond of beauty since day one and flowers are considered to be a great element or source of beauty.

But some flowers are so charming that they force a person to be attracted towards them.  Ayun valley  is rightly called the land of flowers where there are small pots and gardens of flowers in every house and everywhere but the flowers in Azam House of Ayun are something else.

Here in a beautiful garden, different types of flowers are planted brought not only from every region of Pakistan but also from other countries. The specialty of this garden is that there are so many colors and types of rose that it is difficult to count their  names. Haji Mehboob Azam  has hired  a professional and trained gardener from Peshawar to take care of these flowers. 

There are so many beautiful flowers in Azam House that tourists come from far and wide to see them. A lot of money has been spent on collecting these flowers, ordering them from different cities and foreign countries, but Haji Azam says there is no price for the hobby.

A person sometimes spends a lot of money on unnecessary things, if instead of spending on these flowers, at least this flower makes a person happy. They say when we come home tired from work, I sit among these beautiful flowers for a few moments and play with them, all the fatigue goes away and one becomes mentally refreshed. He  said today every second person is suffering from depression and tension. If they make friends with these flowers instead of taking drugs, all their problems will go away. 

Common people enjoy seeing these beautiful flowers, but visually impaired people also enjoy their fragrance.  Hafiz Sher Wali Khan is a reverend of a religious seminary who lost his sight at the age of ten. I enjoy it a lot and come back happy. 

An element of beauty - flowersEhtishamul Haq, a student of Government Commerce College Chitral, also came to Ayun to see these flowers. It is not even known how many hours he studied. Other tourists who came here also praised these flowers and said that after seeing these beautiful flowers, they are refreshed again and they do not even need to go to the hospital nor they fell sick.  

Professor Hafeezullah of the Department of Botany at Chitral University and medical experts say if a person loves these flowers and takes care of them by planting flowers in their homes, their immunity will also be strengthened and such people also not easily be affected from  diseases. People who love flowers are always young at heart and remain healthy and wealthy. 

If such people are encouraged on  government level, who promote tourism by planting such beautiful flower gardens and it also makes people happy, then this will also increase the motivation of other people and they too will do their best. People will be happy by planting flowers at the public places. 

Element of beauty – flowers.

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