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Work on road in Laspur stopped over alignment dispute

BOONI: Work on the repair and widening of the Chitral-Shandur road in Sor Laspur was on Friday stopped by the district administration after complaints by locals that its alignment had been changed.

A statement issued from the office of the deputy commissioner Upper Chitral stated that after receiving complaints by the locals that after changing the alignment heavy machinery were being moved through their grazing grounds and pens, the DC directed the additional assistant commissioner (AC) of Mastuj to visit the area on an emergency basis.

The additional AC, Naveed Ahmed, reached Sor Laspur and after inspecting the roadwork decided to suspend the work on the road for the time being.

The statement said the district administration will take the locals on board while changing the alignment of the road.   

 It may be noted that the road is being widened and repaired to enable the buses of NATCO resume its service between Gilgit and Mastuj.   

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  1. شیر ولی خان اسیر says

    اس قسم کے ایم پروجیکٹس پر کام روکنا قومی خسارہ ہے۔ ضلعی انتظامیہ اور اہالی سورلاسپور سے درخواست ہے کہ مسلے کا حال ڈھونڈنے میں کوتاہی نہ کریں, شکریہ!

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