Booni protest. Govt asked to restore previous price of wheat

Govt asked to restore previous price of wheat

BOONI: A public gathering was held here in Thursday against the 100pc increase in the price of wheat. 

A resolution passed on the occasion asked the government to immediately withdraw its decision and restore the old price of wheat. 

The speakers said a bag of 100 kg wheat was available for the consumers at government godowns and sale points at Rs6,000 which is now being sold at Rs12,000.

This has created resentment and anger among the masses who are unable to afford the basic commodity as rising inflation has already affected them.

Locals say wheat was provided to consumers across Chitral at the rate of Punjab as the transportation cost was borne by the government. 

But now the government has stopped paying the transportation charges resulting in the rise in the price of wheat. 

People in Lower Chitral have also been protesting against the issue. 

The speakers at today’s gathering in Booni said they would soon decide a future strategy in consultation with the political and civil society representatives in Lower Chitral. 

If the government did not take the issue seriously, public rallies and sit-ins would be launched and roads would be blocked before the annual Shandur festival. 

The public gathering was presided over by Mukhtar Lal while former police officer Saeed Khan was chief guest.

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