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Power of words

Fariha Afsar

An experiment was being done. Two plants were taken and planted in pots. They put them in two rooms, giving them equal amounts of water and sunlight. But daily a person (probably a scientist) would visit those rooms. He would talk to the plants, with one in a pleasant tone, showering love on it, admiring it. But with the second one in an abusive way, scolding it, and saying negative stuff about it.

The results were incredible: that plant which was being loved grew in size and bore so many flowers but the other one which was being hated, got weaker in its stature and ultimately died.

I can’t say with surety about the authenticity of the above story, but the other day I came across a familiar scientific finding. Scientists confirmed that plants can make sounds and they can cry when they get sad. They love listening to people’s kinds words; when someone praises them. It’s shocking because we have always considered them emotionless beings.                                                               

I was just mulling over this point that if plants are that sensitive to the power of words; as they don’t have brains, then how much can words affect a fully grown human being, with a healthy mind and consciousness? Our every word carries huge weight. Maybe we don’t know or just don’t care.                         

Our subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between a negative and positive statement, and if it picks up something, our mind starts acting or shaping our life in that particular way.   

We seek appreciation from the outside world, getting depressed over others’ negative remarks. We give way too much importance to people’s comments, but what about your own opinion? Doesn’t it count? It counts the most, you matter the most to yourself and yet you always let yourself on the mercy of others.

A few encouraging words won’t kill you. When was the last time you gave appreciation to yourself for the accomplishment of that task which you thought was difficult? When was the time you console yourself with positive statement when you were really hopeless? If you didn’t, then you better start doing it.                                        

Whatever stuff you feed to your mind, your life would turn in that direction. Our mind is the master of our body and our words have the potential to make our mind work in different ways.

So if you want a better life, learn to say positive things to yourself, but if you’ve the “I don’t care” personality disorder, you wilt like the second plant (by the way that plant doesn’t have an option, but you do).

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