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Deserter from Multan forms PTI Haqiqi

Deserter seeks registration of PTI Haqiqi as new party

ISLAMABAD: A PTI deserter from Multan has approached the Election Commission of Pakistan seeking registration of PTI Haqiqi as a separate political party.

According to media reports, Rao Yasir was the president of the PTI Multan and left the party a few days back citing the arson attacks on military installations following a brief detention of party chief Imran Khan on May 9. 

He later announced to form a separate political party with the name of PTI Haqiqi and requested the ECP to register it. 

It may be noted that over 30 PTI leaders and former lawmakers have party ways with the party after the May 9 incidents. Some of them have decided to quit politics while a few have joined the PPP.

The PTI chairman has termed the departures of his party leaders forced separation by the establishment and also filed a petition in the Supreme Court to declare them illegal.

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