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Prime suspect in corps commander house attack

Imran arrested in Al-Qadir Trust case

LAHORE: A police geo-fencing report has showed PTI chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan as the prime suspect of provoking attack on the corps commander house in Lahore on May 9.

According to the report, the PTI chief allegedly made as many as 154 calls to party leaders and rioters to provoke them to attack the building.

A senior police officer told media that the PTI chairman was the “prime suspect” who allegedly planned the attack on the house of the corps commander following his arrest in Islamabad in a corruption case.

The officer said call records showed all phone calls were made on May 8 and May 9 — the day of Mr Khan’s arrest — to prepare workers to attack the building.

He said a total of 225 callers were reportedly in contact with six PTI leaders: Hammad Azhar, Yasmin Rashid, Mahmoodur Rasheed, Ejaz Chaudhary, Aslam Iqbal, and Murad Ras.

They were issuing “particular instructions to the rioters”, he claimed, adding Dr Yasmin Rashid received 41 calls from various activists of the party.

Similarly, Hammad Azhar made 10 calls to the suspects while Mahmoodur Rasheed got 75 calls from the alleged attackers.

According to the record, Ejaz Chaudhary, Aslam Iqbal and Murad Ras received 50, 16, and 23 calls each, respectively.

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