Chief Secretary promises special focus on resolving Chitral's issues

Chief secretary promises special focus on resolving Chitral’s issues

PESHAWAR: Chief Secretary Nadeem Afzal Chaudhry said special focus would be made on resolving Chitral’s issues. 

He was talking to a delegation from Chitral led by Shahzada Sirajul Mulk at his office on Monday. 

The delegation members briefed the chief secretary about the issues of both Lower and Upper Chitral, particularly the poor condition of roads and stoppage of work on them. 

They also highlighted issues in the health and education sectors. 

Issues related to the departments of mining, forest and PIA flights were also raised in the meeting, a statement issued from the chief secretary’s office said. 

The chief secretary sought reports from officials of the relevant departments who were also present in the meeting. 

He said Chitral is a popular tourist destination and by promoting tourism and creating opportunities of small scale businesses, we can pave the way for development of the area.

One Reply to “Chief secretary promises special focus on resolving Chitral’s issues”

  1. This is but a conglomeration of a number of problems but underlining tourism and road system.
    Tourism in Chitral and road system is demanded to be bus-able at least to Lower Chitral is a limited agenda. The hospitality and roads for buses should be well at priority demanded. Why?You may know it or not.
    Currently, the most pressing problem for the people of Chitral is that the subsidy given on wheat must continue. The road infrastructure needed to be extended to Shandur , Borghil, Terich, Khot and Rech valley.
    Local agriculture has become badly affected from climate change. It needed to be revamped with those crops whereby people get benefit and add to their food chain from local production.
    The increasing melting of glaciers and overflows in rivers damaging lands, forests, crops and private and public property requires plans of actions.
    The local businesses , and opportunities of business and work requires to be promoted and developed.
    Price control and availability of food items ensured in local markets.
    Advice: Currently caretaker govt can’t take and do any measures and so the secretary. Let us wait for the government forms after election and test your cocktail.

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