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Four drug peddlers arrested at Mirkhani

CHITRAL: Four persons were arrested by the Lower Chitral police after 3.8 kg charas was recovered from a vehicle they were travelling in, the police said on Friday. 

A statement issued by the police said: “Over 3.8 kg charas recovered from datsun coming from Arandu to Chitral town at Mirkhani checkpost. The contraband was concealed beneath firewood loaded in the vehicle. Police arrested Abdul Aali of Langorbat, Baghi Jan, Sharaf Din and Rahimullah of Arandu Gol.” 

The police said that they have intensified their campaign against the drug mafia on the instructions of the higher authorities.

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  1. Imtiaz Booni says

    Police must know the source of these drugs ie from where it is coming. Instead of arresting people with a few hundreds grams of charas and opium why don’t you guys go after those who actually are behind the bigger network.

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