Pocket guides seized in Drosh ahead of SSC exam 2023

Pocket guides seized from shops ahead of SSC exam

CHITRAL: Pocket guides available at stationery shops in Drosh were collected and taken away by officials of the district administration ahead of the secondary school certificate (SSC) annual exam 2023. 

A statement issued from the office of the deputy commissioner Lower Chitral on Thursday said pocket guides were used for cheating in exams and the district administration had already banned its sale and use to discourage unfair means in the exams. 

It said as the SSC exam was going to start soon, on the direction of the DC, the additional assistant commissioner of Drosh Muhammad Ali and other officials visited bookshops in the town and seized pocket guides of 9th and 10th class. Similar action was being taken in other areas ad well.

The DC also directed all the officials concerned to visit more shops and take action against shopkeepers selling pocket guides.

The objective of the move is to eliminate the culture using unfair means in exams, it added.

It may be recalled that in May 2022, pocket guides of all subjects, except Islamyat, were burnt while the Islamyat guides were disposed of into the river by the district administration.

It said the guides provided short answers to questions on which students banked without preparing for the exams and in many cases got them into the halls for cheating.

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