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Corruption in projects & hiring of Kalash qaziz alleged

Corruption in projects & hiring of Kalash Qaziz alleged

CHITRAL: Two representatives of the people of Rumbur valley have alleged large-scale corruption in development projects and political influence in appointment of Kalash Qazis in their area.

Speaking at a presser here on Tuesday, social and political activist Salamat Shah alias Tarawat Shah and minority councillor Noor Shali demanded high-level inquiries into the corruption worth millions of rupees in government funds and appointment of Kalash qazis purely on political ground violating merit.

They said the corrupt elements pocked the funds and the government should take action against them and recover the amount and spend it on the development of the backward but scenic area of Rumbur.

They said during the four-year tenure of former special assistant to the chief minister Wazirzada Kalash, a large number of tenders worth millions of rupees were floated for development projects in the irrigation department and the TMA. However, all these schemes were either just on paper or a very few of them were completed.

They regretted that though Wazirzada belonged to the same area but he failed to make any serious effort to remove poverty in the valley despite having a huge amount of funds in his disposal.

 They also accused Wazirzada of appointing the qazis to accommodate his political supporters. They alleged that the 50 qazis appointed in the area were mostly PTI supporters rather than being religious persons fir for the job.–Bashir Hussain Azad    

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