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Khowar Rang program artists honored

Irshadullah Khan

PESHAWAR: In the studio of Radio Pakistan Peshawar, an acknowledgment ceremony was held for the singers associated with the Chitrali program – Khowar Rang.

Mohammad Ismail Wali Akhgar was the chief guest of this event while Munwar Zaman Zarif hosted it.

Radio Pakistan Peshawar Station Director Syeda Ifat Jabbar  explained the purpose of the event and said that its aim was to encourage our Chitrali artists who have been associated with this program for a long time.

The station director said that Khowar Rang program has a very important role in the promotion of Chitrali art, culture and literature.

Many important personalities of Chitral have been associated with this program. Renowned journalist Muhammad Sharif Shakib recounted the history of this program while reminiscing about Khowar Rang.

Compere Inayat Anbar Jalil presented his experiences to the audience. The chief guest of the event highlighted the role of Khowar program in the development of Chitrali language.

Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Mr. Sirajuddin, Mr. Muhammad Sharif Shakib and Mr. Inayat Jalil Anbar.

Similarly, Mr. Sahib Al Ahmed, Saeed Ahmed Saeed, Fazal Naeem, Syed Ibrahim Shah, Sefeer Ahmed, Khair Muhammad Sohail, Meherban Elahi Hanafi, Dr. Abdul Malik, Maulana Muhammad Iqbal and Mehboob Rahman were awarded.

On this occasion, Chitrali program artists. Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Station Director Syeda Ifat Jabbar by Program Manager Abdul Majeed Baloch. , Program Manager Habib Al Nabi, and Senior Producer Sardar Azam Khan were also given awards.

At the end, special certificates of honor were given to other participants of the event. At the end, a special cake was also cut by the participants along with the chief guest and the station director.

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