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NGO from Rumbur wins Rs13.4m Japanese grant

ISLAMABAD: A non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Kalash valley has won a grant of Rs13.4 million from the Japanese government for its development schemes. 

The government of Japan has decided to provide a grant assistance equivalent to about Rs76.4 million to five NGO development projects in Pakistan.

One of the five NGOs is Rumbur Development Welfare and Conservation Society which will utilize the Rs13.4 million to construct check dams and protection walls for disaster prevention and an incinerator for hygienic environment in Lower Chitral district. 

The project will enhance security when natural disasters such as sediment flows caused by heavy rain occur and also help environment preservation by introducing a proper disposal of waste. 

Speaking at the signing ceremony in Islamabad, Charge d’Affaires of Japanese embassy, Ito Takeshi congratulated the five organisations on winning the grants from the government of Japan.

He expressed his expectation that these development projects in cooperation with local communities would have a positive impact on uplifting the living standards of Pakistani people at the grassroots level.

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