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Kalash students to have textbooks on their religion

ISLAMABAD: The National Curriculum Council (NCC) has issued no-objection certificates (NOCs) for publishing religious books for students of seven minority groups enrolled in educational institutions supervised by the federal government. 

After the NOCs, the National Book Foundation (NBF) will publish the books. The NCC issued the NOCs for publishing books on Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Bahai, Zoroastrianism, Kalasha and Buddhism. 

The country is going to celebrate 50 years of its constitution, which was approved in 1973. The constitution guarantees full educational rights to minority students, but there were no proper books on their religions, instead they used to read books on ethics.  The NCC issued six separate NOCs for publishing books for them. 

“NOC/approval is hereby issued for publishing of the textbooks by National Book Foundation Islamabad for use in the schools within the Islamabad Capital Territory and the ones under administrative control of the federal government ministries/organisation across Pakistan.”


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