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Spring season in Kuwait hostel of IIUI 

Adil Ahmad

When the frigid temperatures of the winter season don’t let anyone stay outside of the room for at least ten minutes, everyone gets bored and shows dislike. Of course, being limited in a room brings disgust to the moods. Long nights and cold temperatures of the winter season make everyone feel like we have never seen spring for a long time, and it seems that spring is far away to come, but when the month of February starts the harsh weather of the winter starts to subside gradually. 

Mostly, in Chitral, the spring season starts after 10 March, but in Islamabad, it probably starts after 20 February. Springs have a beauty which can’t be fully praised in writing, but the spring of Kuwait hostel is impossible. Kuwait hostel of international Islamic university is inside the deep woods of Margalla. It is surrounded by different types of plants, bushes, flowers and trees. 

When February starts everything in the Kuwait hostel whispers about the beautiful, full of fragrance spring season. No one can stay in a room whether it’s morning or evening. Before sunrise, soon after the dawn prayer different kinds of birds of the Margalla forest start praising God in their way. The chirping of a bird in the morning brings such happiness that you don’t find in any other things. 

The fresh air of dawn when entering the room through the windows it feels like the breeze comes from paradise to provide fresh oxygen to humans. Sometimes it scatters the pages and hanging cloth here and there to make me realize the feeling of freshness. 

These all things take me to utopia, heal all my wounds and take me to the imaginative world. I forget this world and enter the world where grief is unknown and my heart feels content. 

Around 12 pm, when you come out of the room, the sun on your head, makes you recall happy days of previous springs. The news buds, new flowers and news bushes come out from the earth and spread such a fragrance everywhere that attracts far-away flying honey bees.

Usually, I sit on the lawn of the Kuwait hostel in the afternoon. It helps me recall the memories that I had during school examination time. My heart feels content and such a joy that I never feel in other things. Inhaling the fresh air of spring, getting in the fragrance of flowers, and reading a literature book, I wonder in a world that only exists in the imagination.

In the evening times, the flies hit the windows to enter the room to reach the light. It confirms the spring season’s beginning. The air takes with it the pleasant fragrance of margalla forest flower, and enters rooms as someone has cut the pleasant perfume bottle; the particle spreads throughout the whole area. Reading books also adds knowledge to the mind.

I think it is necessary to thank Saudi Arabia and also the administration of the international Islamic University for providing us with such a beautiful hostel that is not only a peaceful and calm place to study but very close to nature. Of course, it is the best place for those students who love mother nature. Students feel comfortable as they are in their homes.

For me, it is not less than a paradise, because being a student of literature I want a place that should be close to nature and away from busy city life, Kuwait hostel is such an ideal place I found. William Wordsworth says nature purifies humans. Nature is the best teacher and teaches simplicity. According to him, those people who are close to nature are pure. Kuwait hostel does the same thing.


(The author is student of BS English at International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).

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