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Lower Chitral police launch community engagement drive

Lower Chitral police launch community engagement drive

CHITRAL: The Lower Chitral police held community meetings in various areas this week to promote public engagement and community policing.

A press release said: “As per direction of Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Akhtar Hayat Khan Gandapur and special orders of RPO Malakand Nasir Mehmood Sathi, DPO Lower Chitral Ikram Ullah Khan has set up a special public engagement plan. Also, village-to-village meetings are being held.”

In this regard, special meetings were held with local people under the supervision of SDPOs and SHOs of respective police stations this week. Police officials comprising probational ASIs are actively engaged for this task.

The meetings were attended by a large number of local elders and youth. The police officers briefed the locals on the importance of public-friendly policing and how to bridge the gap between the police and the public. They called for cooperation with each other to tackle crime.

Cooperation between the police and the public is very important in keeping Lower Chitral free from the scourge of drugs and other social crimes. The local elders vowed to fully cooperate with the police to eradicate drugs and other social crimes.

By reducing the distance between the public and the police and public-friendly policing, not only crime can be solved from the society, but it will also help in identifying drug dealers and other people involved in crimes and bringing them to justice. The cooperation of the people is indispensable in maintaining the atmosphere of law and order.

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