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Mother language day celebrated

ISLAMABAD: A civil society organization, FLI, supported Khowar language groups in Peshawar, Yadgha in Lotkuh, Chitral and Shina in Gilgit city to celebrate the International Mother Language Day on February 21,2023.

This support was provided under FLI’s community event support initiative which allows language enthusiasts to hold a small-scale activity aiming to promote their language and culture.

Taking advantage, youth, belonging to Yadgha language community, approached FLI to hold an event for their community. Several people participated in the event where Yadgha songs were sung, Yadgha speeches delivered and dance performed.

The second program, a Khowar poetry session, was organized by Khowar speakers living in Peshawar. The Peshawar chapter of Anjuman Taraqi-e-Khowar organized the event. Speakers on the occasion highlighted steps to promote their language and also held a musical program.

The third program was organized by Sasken Research and Development Foundation for Shina community in Gilgit. A Shina fiction was featured in the event.

The speakers shed lights on the importance of their mother tongue use. They included government officials, language activists, students and teachers. 

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