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Russia-Ukraine war

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

This is the 12th month of the war between Russia and Ukraine during which these two countries have suffered enormously but gained almost nothing.

Russia claims to have occupied some districts that it claims belonged to it but the pro-West policies of the president of Ukraine are not acceptable to Russia as its inclination towards EU and NATO is regarded as harmful for Moscow.

The policies of the president of Ukraine have never been friendly towards Russia on her border vs. ties of friendship with NATO. In the light of history this type of neighbourliness has always been detrimental for the next door neighbor. How can Russia tolerate the presence of NATO on her border with whom it has had a long rivalry sprouting from the very beginning of the Soviet Union.

The inclination of the president of Ukraine towards NATO and EU is an eyesore for Russia. There was a line of consensus on the ownership of certain districts of Ukraine  but she underestimated Russian designs and asked NATO  and EU to come to her help against Putin and ignited an already smouldering debris. The president of Ukraine had little idea of the situation that was about to visit his country owing to his shortsighted approach.

A neighbor of gigantic magnitude along her border was ignored and hands of friendship was extended to befriend USA and her European Allies. The president of Ukraine should have the sense and sagacity to foresee the outcome of such a move and he should have read the pages of history of many other nations of the world who befriended USA and got nothing but damages and hypocritical policy shifts by the Pentagon.

Those who have been patronized by  the US have never gained but have always been losers and this side of the issue must have been gauged by the advisors of the president of Ukraine but they were short sighted and challenged Putin and underestimated his designs, policies, statecraft, vision and sense of ‘loss’ after Gorbacheve dismembered the Soviet Union as a tool in the hands of CIA.

The official visit of the president of Ukraine to Europe begging tanks, ammunition, aircraft, missiles and other military equipment is a matter of humiliation for the Ukrainian nation. It is the US that first instigated Ukraine to resist Russia and then told her NATO allies to contribute Arms and arsenal to Ukraine to fight Russia but look at the game just like a spectator.

The way in which Germany was asked to agree  to allow Poland to send the few Leopard Tanks to be sent to Ukraine to be used against Russia was a matter of disgrace both for EU and NATO as the US herself had better tanks to give to Ukraine instead of asking Germany to allow a few. It means the US is using the members of NATO and EU against Russia and prolongs the war and brings more devastation to Ukraine.

The same type of policy had been adopted against Iraq during Bush administration. How naive for States and Heads of States and their advisors to fail to understand the cunning policies of the US in the light of history that is not very much away in the past; and the puppet like position of the members of EU to dance on the tune of the music sung by CIA.

The West advises Ukraine to resist Russia and get damages of wide magnitude both in men and economy but enjoy the game and add fuel to the burning flames. They want Russia to be busy and use its large magazine and also get weaker economy, but Ukraine is on the verge of total annihilation. 

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