Faizul Hussain

Wildlife and our responsibility

Faizul Hussain

The greatest threat to wildlife is from humans, who have made it a practice to kill wild fauna. The saddest thing is that even today people of this age do not feel remorse and seriousness about the heinous crime of killing living beings.

These creatures are being hunted on a large scale and used in food, medicine, clothing, cosmetics and other products, leading to the extinction of rare species. Civilized societies have realized that wildlife is in great danger so that they have enclosed these endangered species in artificial enclosures to protect them from being completely wiped out from the planet. Crimes like killing wildlife are everywhere but we need a strategy to deal with this situation to make the planet a safe place for every creature.

Wildlife is an inherent value that makes an integral contribution to human well-being and sustainable development in terms of ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic aspects.

It is also important to know that the ecosystem consists of a complex matrix if we disturb one unit it becomes a threat to the entire system as it has a domino effect. Therefore, the presence of each and every wild animal is necessary to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Biodiversity means higher productivity and better health as it brings resistance to diseases.

Apart from the nutrition obtained from wildlife, man has always turned to nature for medicine. Naturally humans are very early attracted to nature so people prefer to go to areas where there is a proper wildlife protection system hence it contributes a lot to our economy. More precisely, we can say that the existence of wildlife has never been more important than it is today and it has been realized that wildlife is as important as domestic animals.

Considering the importance of the role that the wild animals of the planet play in human life, we need to raise our voice to protect these precious gifts of Allah Almighty through educating our societies, we need to include chapters in our school curriculum so that future generation can understand the standing of wildlife. We need to mobilize civil society to protect wildlife so that we can leave a better planet for our future generations. Now is the time to act or it will be too late.

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