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Winter sports festival concludes in Upper Chitral

BOONI: The winter sports festival 2023 organized by the district administration of Upper Chitral concluded at Qaqlasht near Booni after six days. 

Teams from different parts of Chitral as well as Gilgit-Baltsitan took part in different games such as ice hockey, skating and paragliding, during the festival. The teams from GB had an upper hand in the ice hockey. 

At the concluding ceremony, district administration officials distributed trophies and awards among the players.

A musical program planned for the concluding function was cancelled due to the bomb blast at a mosque in Police Lines Peshawar that claimed over 100 lives three days ago.–GH Farooqui 

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1 Comment
  1. Nadir Zaman Khan says

    Incompetent officials have no other work to provide relief to masses and have to pass their idle days by lavishly spending and wasting public resources. In winters and summers, they have nothing to do and resort to these silly acts of organizing festivals and for cheap publicity distributing awards as chief guests.

    I propose a complete ban on holding of festivals including Shandur and Qaqlasht festival by govt departments. Give them to local literary and cultural societies and they will organize such events more efficiently without wasting public money. This will also discourage VIP culture in Chitral.


    Nadir Zaman Khan.

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