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Books are the treasure of life!

Adil Ahmad

We all have heard this sentence from our teachers, friends and elders, even we have read this in textbooks or other books that “Books are the best friends of loneliness”.

When I heard this sentence from my teachers, I had not focused on what it meant as kids do. At that time, in one way, I can say our thinking was not developed as we thought about it. I was not aware of its message and its theme. I understood it well when I passed through a situation where I needed to understand it profoundly.

After the terminal exam of the semester, during the semester break, all students went to
their homes and I couldn’t go home for certain reasons and stayed in hostel. When the terminal examination ended, I kept all the books on the shelf. I said to myself let’s enjoy these 20 days of semester break by going for an outing, watching movies and dramas, using social media and, of course, sleeping late at night and waking up in the afternoon. But soon I got bored from all these things. The hostel started to look like a desolate place in the vast desert. Every corner started showing solitude. I started overthinking, and this overthinking augmented my solitude.
When I could not discover a way to overcome solitude I didn’t give up, but kept thinking to find a way. At the same movement, I saw my old books on my shelf which I had bought during my semester classes from an old bookshop in Islamabad. During the semester, I could not read that book. I took that book from the shelf and started reading it. When I started reading the book, I forgot the solitude and my boredom unhurriedly came to an end. I got pleasure and enjoyed the book. My mind recalled this sentence again and again “Books are the best friend of loneliness.”

This does not happen during the semester because during the semester I studied my
courses. During classes, there is no spare time for students. That’s why students do not bore and feel solitude. Books are best friends, make ideas exalted and provide knowledge that helps in practical life. Books are written by writers that have experience of life and have a great observation of life.

While reading a book one not only reads words or sentences but he is becoming aware of the writer’s experience of life and observation of the world. Good readers find solutions to problems by reading good books. Books illuminate our minds; provide pleasure and teach us to deal with the problems of life.
Accompanying good books is not worthless. You converse with the writer when you read the book. You converse with him about his life experience and observation. Writers are sensitive, that’s why they observe things very closely and deeply, common people are not sensitive and don’t observe things closely and deeply. Because of their sensitivity, they observe life deeply, and they know to deal with problems. When they write books, they write about life, philosophy and world issues.
We all should read one book for at least one and a half months. Books improve our
vision and can be our best friend. It’s more important to read books than to always use a mobile phone. So I would like to say that making a habit of reading books will make you successful in life.

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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    A good writeup based on personal experience.

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