Chitral Football League chief Kamal Abdul Nasir gets award

Chitral Football League chief gets award

CHITRAL: Kamal Abdul Jamil, Chief Organizer of Chitral Football League, was given an award for his services in the sports field, according to a press release.

Afghan TV hosted the event in which a large number of people from different walks of life participated. The awards were given to those who have served extraordinarily in the field of literature, poetry, drama and acting, sports, health, education, show biz, journalism and community welfare. 

Mr Jamil, who is chief organizer of Chitral Football League, was nominated for the award in sports category. Women squash player Rozina Shams was another nominee in sports category. 

Chitral Football League gained popularity in the sports community of Pakistan when teams and players from different part of the country participate in it for the first time in the sport history of Chitral.

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