Chitralis continue protest in Peshawar

Chitralis continue protest in Peshawar

M. Irshadullah

PESHAWAR: Under the auspices of Tehreek Tahafuz-e-Haqoq Chitral, a protest demonstration was held in front of Peshawar Press Club against dilapidated condition of roads in Chitral, long and unannounced loadshedding, illegal mining and other problems faced by the local people. 

The protest demonstration was led by Pir Mukhtar, chairman of of the Tehreek, and other leaders. 
On the occasion, Pir Mukhtar said that people in Chitral were facing severe problems in transportation due to the dilapidated roads .
He said despite claims made by former provincial government of Tehreek-e-Insaf and the federal government, attention was not being paid to improving the road system in Chitral.
He added that illegal mining in Chitral and leasing of mine sites to non-locals had affected the property rights of the local people. He said immediate attention should be given to solving the issues of Chitral.

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