How to become a successful student?

Adil Ahmad (Barenis)

Every student wants success in his academic career and outside academic workouts but not all know the ways and methods that make it possible. Both, to lead a comfortable and successful life, are important for a student.

High achievement in an academic career and becoming socially an influential person need confidence and good communication skill. These can be acquired through hard work, interactions with different people and daily participation in sports.

In an academic career, achieving a good grade always depends on hard work as well as making good interactions with teachers and participation in class discussions. Confident students can participate in class discussions and can make good interactions with a teacher. 

Teachers always consider those students brilliant who participate in class discussions. Under-confident students are less preferred by teachers. Students should always be confident; have good conversation as well as public speaking skills.

Some students always prefer to study and don’t participate in sports, so they can’t develop their communication, public speaking skills and enhance confidence. Sports make students confident and teach them how to face difficult situations. 

When a student takes part in sports, they interact with different types of people and get the opportunity to talk with distinct people, where they know how to talk with strangers, friends and elders. It also makes them confident and social. Both are necessary for a student to acquire high achievement in the academic field and outside the academic field.

Students should participate in sports and extracurricular activities to groom themselves.  Hard work is necessary but with hard work they should be confident and social, and should have good conversation and public speaking skills.


(Adil Ahmad is student of BS English at International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).

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