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Climate change or global warming

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

Climate change is a universal phenomenon and it has always changed.  Disasters due to storms in the oceans have occurred in scores and tsunamis have depopulated whole regions causing losses amounting to millions – both humans and wildlife. Colossal floods have also destroyed regions, killing millions of people.

Rains and avalanches have also destroyed lives and crops leading to famines of unprecedented measures.  Landslides have also wrought disasters to various parts of the globe beside earthquakes that we may not dare to include in global warming but a part of natural disasters.  All such disasters have occurred  across the globe in its history and hungers have also done the same kind of devastation because of droughts, longer duration of heavy rains  or continuous  shortage of rains have also hit various parts of the earth.

We have experienced out of routine rains but such things happen after a couple of years and remind man to stand ready to face natural disasters. The problems of the coastal areas, the deserts, the plain agricultural lands and the mountainous areas are always different from each other. Now what is being termed as climate change is not a new phase of history but history repeats itself and the disasters appear and reappear from time to time.  It is a natural cycle and will go on at its own sweet will. In the past such disasters were not reported as there was no media but now the media is active so the reports coming from different parts of the globe create consternation for scientists.

  At present what we term Climate Change is not a climate change. The climate change has been perennial and will continue to be so but we are facing Global Warming because of green house gases. This is manmade and it was started by humans to be able to have better and higher standard of life. We installed mills, factories; plants used fossil fuel in unprecedented volume and have made the air poisonous to such a high degree that our own lives are in jeopardy.  

All that is emitted by the vehicles running on the roads to airplanes flying in the skies  are dangerous for human health and our physical system. We have helped in developing unhealthy atmosphere for ourselves as well as for our coming generations and all kind of Wild Life. The Global warming has shed very negative impacts on the reserves of glaciers in the mountains which have retreated in alarming magnitude. The particles of the gases are carried to the glaciers by winds and thus hasten its thawing rate compared to the past.  Global Warming is a modern phenomenon and has to be mitigated as our duty and all the high productive Industrial countries have to reduce  the emission of Carbon dioxide and other related poisonous gases to keep the level Lower than at present.   

 The high altitude sports and festivals also create fine dust at great height and the particles of the dust are blown to nearby mountains where the particles cover the surface of the snow and glaciers and accelerate the rate of melting.

The polo tournaments held at Shandur and Boroghil, for example, have played role in the GLOF phenomenon that has hit Booni, Sonoghur, Brep, Reshun, Gohkir, Golen, Terich as these valleys are closer to the Shandur polo ground and receive much more particles than the glaciers lying far away. Over use of petrol, diesel in millions of vehicles, kerosene in domestic use, coal in thermal power houses  etc. is also a cause of global warming and it is all the result of our own efforts to get better amenities of life by  abandoning the natural ways of living of the people of the past who never did any kind of harm to natural resources but worked in unison to conservation of natural resources.

The structure of our earth is just like human body which undergoes changes from time to time and our body system gets imbalanced so is the overall position of the globe.

The damages to the congested areas are higher in various forms compared to deserts such as Gobi Desert which is undergoing changes each year or any other such desert where wild life is scarce but human life is impossible because of intense adverse forces of Nature but even then some nomads like to live there and get used to those conditions but also feel the climate change despite their great distance from overpopulated cities.  

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