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Aqib Ullah 

We aren’t poised to raise rumpus against injustices done with us. We only know how to celebrate Chitral Day, how to arrange musical events, how to share futile videos on Facebook and how to stand on roads to welcome civil servants who come here to do their duties.

We have a powerhouse of 106 megawatts but we are still in darkness. Our leaders talk about launching atom bomb against India but can’t do anything for the betterment of their own place. Our students have to pay hefty amount to go down districts to attempt test of only one hour but our leaders are busy celebrating their getting blue tick on Facebook. 

Despite knowing that pressing any button to make video can’t be considered any achievement, our youth is engrossed in uploading videos on social media by using the option known as slow-motion already available in mobile phones. We need to be serious to do something productive.

Our students aren’t ready to read any book because they think that only getting marks can come in handy for them not knowledge. Our elders blame their children when they see that their children are reading something else because, according to them, only the books that are in their bags should be read.

When the election season comes, our politicians knock at our doors with their signs and slogans to make us fool again and blackmailed emotionally saying that Book is holy one, Bhutto is alive, Nawaz Sharif is really a “Sharif person” and Khan can bring change. We must know how we’re being fooled.

When a person like “Pir Mukhtar” thinks that it behoves him to go the whole nine yards for the rights of Chitrali people, he is chastised, made fun of and treated with disdain. Such people are rare, they must be respected.

When winter season arrives, our students move to Peshawar and Karachi to save themselves from chilling weather on the pretext of tuitions inspite of knowing that covering the syllabus of one year in two months is out of the question. Time is a money and must not be wasted.

Inspite of observing that our sisters are brutally killed after every few months , we haven’t learnt learnt any lesson yet and always disposed to get them married down district. Daughters are blessings of Allah, they should be cared.

From our politicians to ordinary person, students to teachers, elders to youngers, parents to children, eveyone ought to rectify themselves, including myself, because Allah loves those sinners who rectify themselves.

We will have to start from scratch ,if we really want to bring a sea change in this area which has been considered a backwater despite having immense natural resources. 

Our rights are exploited ,our children are given poisoned chalice by some vermins to feather their own nests, our elders don’t give time to their children to have parleys on different issues that’s why they contract anxiety and depression.

9It’s high time to accept our shortcomings and tinker them otherwise we will remain in hot water for good by using fabricated words like “hospitable people” just to placate ourselves.

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  1. Saim says

    I cn say aftr readng still there are people in my chitrl who can highlight real issues, although dnt knw him , hv read few of his op‑ed and become fan.

  2. Muhammad Amin says

    This is a good piece of write up.The writer has some how given our issues and shortcomings as Chitrali .When some one highlights the issues ,at least some tangible solutions should be accompanied.It is true that we r emotional but only pir Mukhtar is not the solo gem of Chitral.but he is doing good job All political parties are not equated .

  3. Shah Karez says

    Well thought out soliloquies and useful suggestions. There is another malaise that of unnecessary self portrayal in social media to the point of betrayal of accepted social norms.

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