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Loopholes in nationwide security system

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

The time factor is very important and for many weeks the country especially KP has been a target of terrorist activities right in the broad daylight despite the patrolling parties and Police chowkis.

This type of incessant attacks makes it clear that the whole security system has got many drawbacks and the police force is not alert or qualified enough to envisage the weak points of their system and for that reason terrorists select soft targets and the targets unfortunately prove easy ones and our Jawans die because the situation around them is not properly under their vigilant eyes or the sad cases would not have happened or have been thwarted in advance.

The wave of militancy has once again tried to pick momentum because the vigilance system has gone slower and weaker and the constables have not received the high degree of training which is required for a situation faced by our society at this stage of our history. The attacks on the Jawans is carried out in a calculated way; well structured and highly secret which cannot be detected by the anti Terrorist Squads.

The present traditional quality of training is not enough to eradicate or curb the said evil. New and more high IQ based training methods have to be initiated to bring the combating quality of the forces to a higher level than the terrorists and by that high performance we can defeat them. Communication system has to be made more sophisticated and help has to be sought from China, Russia and Turkiye for modern devices to counter the threats.

If we fail to upgrade the level of training to the forces – all kind of forces – we cannot control the wave of militancy. The department concerned has got well experienced officers and a number of think tanks have to be instituted with criminology experts to reflect on the rising threat of TTP, Daish and other related wings of the enemies. They live very close to us, to the society, to the businesses and they have helpers in the ranks of the public.

The outposts have to be made stronger, the personnel well equipped under high IQ officers, with modernized  criminology perception but at the same time the personnel have to be given extensive training in counter terrorism without waste of time. Only high quality training, selection of jawans of fit physique, high level communication system, modern not traditional weapons and patriotic zeal should be recruited instead of the old traditional ways.

Our conventional methods cannot cope with TTP and Daish guerrillas who are as brutal as hyenas. Enhance the training of the forces with modern weapons and put them under efficient officers and the results will be the desired ones.

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