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Safety alert for drivers on Lowari road

Safety alert for drivers on Lowari road

CHITRAL: Snowfall in Lowari tunnel and surrounding areas has made the road very dangerous after which the deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral issued a safety alert for drivers travelling on the snowy road in the mountainous area. 

There was snowfall in the Lowari tunnel area on Saturday night that continued on Sunday morning and the Met Office has predicted more snowfall. However, traffic is allowed on the Lowari tunnel road following mandatory safety measures. 

The tunnel approach road is highly slippery especially at the curves and turns making movement of vehicles very difficult. Therefore, commuters have been advised to avoid unnecessary travel especially in the morning and night hours. Drivers should keep snow chains in their vehicles and use them when necessary. 

It may be noted that the vehicle of a district judiciary of Chitral met with a minor accident on the snowy Lowari tunnel road a few days back, but the passengers remained safe. 


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