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Protesters urge govt to overcome economic crisis

Shad Foundation protest in Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD: Citizens under the banner of Shad Foundation staged a protest against rising prices of essential items here, calling on the government to step in and save the common man from additional burden.

The Shad Foundation protest was held outside the National Press Club. The organisation’s chairperson, Shamshad Zareen, said unprecedented price hike was hurting people.

“The present economic situation was not restricted to a particular group or party but was being faced by everybody,” Ms Zareen said, adding that the relevant authorities should sit together and devise strategies to steer the country out of the current economic mess.

Ms Zareen said workers and Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) leaders wanted to participate in the protest, but the political environment prevailing in the country restricted them.

“We need to develop a culture where workers can express concerns against their party leaders too,” Ms Zareen said.

Other speakers said price hike was a serious problem and was eroding the savings of ordinary citizens.

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