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Shahzada Masood Ulmulk to head RSPN

Shahzada Masoodul Mulk to head RSPN


At the annual gathering of all Pakistan rural support programmes held at Muree on Friday, the founder and chairman of the Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) Shoaib Sultan Khan announced that Shahzada Masood Ulmulk would be his successor as leader of RSP.

He would take over immediately as Vice Chairman of RSPN and would succeed him to that position when he ceases to perform that role.

Masood Ulmulk joined the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme in 1986 and was associated with it for many years . In 2001, he took over as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) and in the 20 years stewardship of SRSP he took the organisation to great heights. Masood Ul Mulk belongs to Chitral.

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