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Markhor descends to Chitral town

Markhor comes down to Chitral town

CHITRAL: A large male markhor created sensation across Chitral city when it descended from the mountain peaks of Chitral Gol National Park due to heavy snowfall.

The magnificent animal with large horns suddenly appeared in the middle of the city, causing great excitement among the locals and tourists and gathered to watch the rare sight.

After a large number of people gathered around it and started making videos and taking picture, the markhor suddenly jumped to a rooftop and a nearby wall which made it visible from afar.

Later, the wildlife watchers were informed who reached the site and successfully caught it.

It was then released back into the national park where hunting is strictly prohibited.

These days it is very rare to sight a markhor in Chitral city where these animals were found in abundance in the surrounding mountains until a few decades ago.

It may be mentioned here that the population of these goats in the national park is not documented for the past few years due to lack of snow fall in the winters.

Snowfall forces markhor herds to leave the mountain peaks in search of food allowing the wildlife department to carry out a head count. Last year local residents and wildlife enthusiasts claimed that due to poaching there was a decline in the population of markhor in Chitral Gol National Park. It was refuted by the department.–Express Tribune 

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