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Police women desk received 28 complaints in Nov

CHITRAL: The women desk of the Lower Chitral police received 28 complaints related to domestic and marriage-related disputes and inheritance in November, the police said on Thursday.

According to a statement, 13 of the complaints filed with the police by women were about domestic disputes, four about marriage issues, two were related to inheritance, one was about monetary transaction and eight were miscellaneous complaints. The police women wing disposed of the complaints during the month.

The dispute resolution centres of the police received 26 complaints out of which 14 were resolved amicably while the rest were under process.

The police also conducted drives to create awareness of traffic rules during the month.    



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  1. Mohammad Ilyas Ahmed says

    Accept Regards brother, thank you

  2. Mohammad Ilyas Ahmed says

    One thing is essential and that is the women especially have complaints that often don’t have stronger bases. A Well experienced male officer should be appointed on such complaints. The strongest weapon of women is crying and their tears are ready made and drop on their will.
    Once a woman had filed a suit against her husband who was from downtown area for taking Khula. I asked her why was she doing that and destroying her life. She made a long debate and the outcome was these three points.
    He (husband) does not leave me talking to his male relatives
    He doesn’t let me free to go anywhere without permission.
    He wants me to be in parda when leaving out.
    I said these atrocities are also made to all our women. Reconsider it
    Ultimately, She got Khula, it was revealed later that someone was in her contact who flirted and didn’t marry her then. By then now she is aging in miserable condition.

    1. Shabir says

      Well said ilyas sahib. Women have started going overboard in ithe garb of getting their rights.

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