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Noor Dental Clinic opens fourth branch

Noor dental clinic fourth branch at Clifton Karachi

KARACHI: Noor Dental Clinic, a leader in oral health promotion and dental care, opened its fourth branch in Clifton, Karachi, equiped with the modern technology and up-to-date tools to continue its commitment to proving quaity dental service to the citizens.

The inaguration of the clinic was joined by family and friends, including the legendary singer Rahim Shah, Ayaz Khan, Faisal Qazi, Maya Khan, Zain and many more. 

The event was also well received by senior lawyers and advocates, including Salim Salam Ansari, SamSam Ali Khan, Tauqeer Fatima, members of the community, including Col Noor. 

To welcome new patients, Noor Dental Clinic is offering 30 per cent off on all dental services and free dental check-up for senior citizens and children below the age of 15.

Reflecting on his experience with a gratitude, CEO and Founder of Noor Dental Clinic Dr Ali Hussain Khan noted that an important part of this journey has been our patients satisfaction and trust. 

“We shall continue our commitment to proving best quality of dental services.”

Noor Dental Clinic opened its first branch in 2016 in Mosamiat, Karachi. The clinic was opened with a mission to not only provide dental services but also aim at promoting good oral health across Pakistan.

With a team of qualified dentists, the clinic conducts different camps in remote regions to spread awareness about oral health issues and its connection with overall health.–PR

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