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Our economy and politicians

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

After 75 years of independence the economy of the country has gradually gone down to abysmal depths and the load of loans on the nation was never as high as it is now. Why this downward journey?  

The answer may be known to Economists but as an ordinary man and a lay man in Economics- I only listen to news bulletins and reports on the economy and imports and exports and infer that the going is too bad and may lead us into some dark corner from where we cannot extricate ourselves. 

The present economic situation is due to short sightedness of the low Iq. politicians, the planning managers, the bureaucracy and the mafias.

Everyone of us is thinking about one’s own pocket – a product of cupidity and selfishness of very high degree. The few families who have controlled the financial system of the country as well as the political leadership are, by fair as well as unfair means, have their basic role in the degradation of the economy. 

They did not prepare long range policies with honest and sincere hearts but built their Flats, castles, large estates, off shore companies and promoted the causes of the members of their families, friends, relatives ‘ the mafia’ to whom they belong. Nobody is sincere to the country.

It is because of poor leadership that one is making friendship with India and another with USA and a third one with another one and duly understand that the life in those countries is ideal for their life and business, after retirement or escape in case of emergency. The country now is in fact in the hands of those who have always wanted to use our leadership as a puppet and the leadership is too low graded to speak and work for the country. 

The three party system is better than the two party of the past which landed the economy into the ditch. The other parties are just helpers of the actual puppets and sell their services for various private motives.

In fact, these surplus parties had opposed the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan from the very beginning, during the Pakistan movement. 

Their names don’t need to be high lighted here. The students of history know these parties well and I do. They play role to topple one government and bring another and milk it as long as there is milk in her udder.

The tragedy is that no political party has a long term financial plan – a mega plan- for the country- to utilize the natural resources, manage the currently available ones, to explore more opportunities, to create new opportunities, to give up luxury style of life, to reduce monetary extravagancy, to close VIP and VVIP culture. 

No one has so far adopted austerity drive at wider level by switching from luxury to simple governance.. The Chinese did it- all wore the same colour dress from Mao on top to factory workers at the bottom.  

The role of CIA has been crucial in the decline of our Institutions and the role of bureaucracy has been very negative; they worked from the bottom to fill their own pockets. They have promoted corruption of the worst type.. It has done the worst disservice to our economy and did not care for criticism. They have given full support to their own businesses.  

On the other hand the Chinese resorted to saving and raising products of all kinds and learnt skills and trades from their school days but we did nothing of such type but pulled each other’s legs at every stage. The Chinese leadership could control over one billion population and managed to produce all kind of products in surplus amount for foreign markets and established a solid economy because they worked hard and hard but talked less.

We talk much nonsense and fuss but do nothing or resort to intrigues to conceal all the misdeeds of the past period in power. The present leadership has to be rejected by the voters to select new and honest leadership.




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