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The way to peace through justice

Prof Rahmat Karim Baig

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

The current law and order situation in the country is far from satisfactory and untoward incidents happen each next day. It creates doubts in the hearts of true citizens of the country.

The police personnel, their posts and police vehicles are targeted by militants and our police have suffered great losses of precious lives. In this state of the affair it will be very hard for the police system to crush the militants who are hiding themselves in various places but inside the province. It is a matter of grave concern for the KP government and things have to be reconsidered and strategy has to be changed. Great sacrifices have been made till now.

The policemen have to be trained in latest communication technology and uniformed patrolling s not the right way neither in the day light nor at night. There must be more patrolling in non-uniform, civil dress with communication equipment network in larger number than at present. The info about the miscreants has to be gleaned from civil sources to be recruited from the public. In the past there was a system in Chitral where there was no uniformed police but a very good number of secret police who collected info in each village and communicated or sent reports via their own network. 

There was also a low cadre State official who mostly performed as Revenue collector but also kept vigilant eye on dissidents and reported to his higher officers- that was a big hierarchy. This man was called ‘Chharbu’ and in each group of villages there used to be a local man called with that denomination and he was in a position to know about the activities of the suspects such as thieves, burglars, poachers, miscreants, political non state elements etc. and his report mattered and his report and the one from the secret police supplemented and non could dare to take illegal steps. It was the system inside Chitral State.  The above were paid for their work.

At KP level, this model exists but it has to be renovated as the population has soared very high so the number of anti state elements has  gone up and ‘mafias’ have cropped up and the writ of the State is challenged because we have got a volatile border situation and we must be much more vigilant as then it was not the days of high tech communication network or state of the art weaponry  but now our province hence our country,  has  been facing innumerable enemies for a number of objectives. A population like ours with enemies on many sides has got problems along with poverty that triggers anti state activities like smuggling and related under

Ground activities

Our police system has to be much more active, creative, innovative, honest, brave and patriotic. The public has to be kept in touch for controlling the law and order situation. There are very good men in the law enforcing agencies and we trust they can do it: where there is a will, there is a way. The system of justice has to be speedy to help the law and order situation. They are interconnected.

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