Drug peddlers to be dealt with iron hand: DPO

Drug peddlers to be dealt with iron hand: DPO

CHITRAL: Newly-appointed District Police Officer (DPO) Lower Chitral Nasir Mehmood on Tuesday said Chitral is a place of tranquility where people considered peace and harmony as their first priority and have remained attached with their indigenous culture and traditions for years.

He said police would never allow any anti-social activity in such a place and will deal with all those involved in drug peddling and other anti-social activities with an iron hand. 

Talking to local reporters at his office on Tuesday, the DPO said drug peddlers were putting the future of the youth at stake and they were the enemy of the nation, and it is the obligation of every citizen to help the police eliminate such elements.

He said strong linkages between the police and the community was also imperative to face challenges arising out of other social issues.—Bashir Hussain Azad   


2 Replies to “Drug peddlers to be dealt with iron hand: DPO”

  1. Why every DPO says same thing but fails to eliminate drug suppliers to Chitral from down districts. There is no cultivation of charas and opium in Chitral but drugs are available in every nook and corner of Chitral. How these drug peddlers succeed in continuing their nefarious activities.

    1. Agree with Javed Karim. Drug suppliers and dealers are well known to the public. How is it that Police and administration doesn’t know them. Some of these drug suppliers when caught are soon let off.

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