Early settlements to future world


Muhammad Umer Wali Shah

Early human life was not like modern day living. People used to live in caves and jungles. They would use animal skins and leaves to cover their bodies and keep it safe from severe weather. They used to struggle and wonder in search of food and shelter. As time passed, they discovered fire and started using fire to protect themselves from dangerous animals, to cook food and to communicate with each others. With the passage of time, they learnt the methods of cultivation and started living near rivers to grow crop by using the water. Later ,they grew in number and made permanent settlements.


I think there will be flying cars ,bikes and buses in future world for transportation and they could be charged with electricity. It seems to me that the use of bullet trains will be prevalent and people will be able to cover million kilometres within a second. People will be in rush to do everything quickly. Perchance , we will be able to go for excursion on moon.


I think there will be a big change in education sector also in future . Students will be able to get education sitting in their rooms. Instead of papers and copies, students will be provided tablets so that they can download their books in PDF formats. These schools and colleges buildings will be converted into homes to provide shelter for the people due to increase in population. Technical education will be given importance. Students will be taught how to apply knowledge practically.


Technology is advancing day by day and things are changing rapidly. In future, wind energy and solar panels will be used to produce electricity. Artificial intelligence will do everything easily for us but the cons would be that humans will be lazy and totally dependent on electronic devices.


Due to increased temperature, the world will face many natural disasters as we have started experiencing floods, earthquakes etc. There would be scarcity of water also. People will, perchance, pay to buy clean water. Barter system will be introduced again. Due to high rate of co2, there would be difficulty in breathing. Oxygen will be sold in shops.


Due to advancement in technology and transportation, we will be able to do things easily but this will also make us lazy and dependable. Getting education will be easy but spending too much time infront of screens will bring many eye diseases.Countries will be in competition of making atomic and hydrogen and every country will be nuclear power. Playing indoor games will perish our physical strength. Instead of thinking and using brains to do any productive work, people will buy machines and they will be our masters. Allowing machines to be our masters can be dangerous that’s why we need to ponder because Time is flying.


(The writer is student of class 6th at Chitral Public School and College).

  1. Aqib Ullah says

    Umer meri jan , spot on !!! we will become tools of our tools .

  2. Sami saadi says

    Your observations are frightening my boy!!!

  3. Muneeb says

    Superb job keep it up.

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