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Donkeys in the dock in timber smuggling case

CHITRAL: The district administration of Chitral has taken six donkeys into custody in connection with the smuggling of timber in Drosh area of the district.

The wood-laden donkeys were taken into custody after Drosh assistant commissioner conducted an operation against the timber smuggling. 

The assistant commissioner has directed the forest department to present the donkeys in court.

Interestingly, this has also come to light that the donkeys were very intelligent as they would smuggle timber to the desired location on their own. 

Earlier in September, an employee of the forest department Omer Shah and his accomplice Imran Shah (check-post guard), who were arrested while smuggling valuable timber from the forest in the Makhnial area, have been officially suspended by Divisional Forest Officer (DF) Haripur Farhad Ali.

As per sources, Omer Shah was stealing and later on selling valuable timber of Deodar and Genus Abies (Chear) trees for a very long time in Haripur, Makhnial area. As a result, the forest was not only suffering from deforestation but its department is also losing millions of rupees. 



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