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Balach Shotar state property, hunting banned: DC

CHITRAL: The deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral on Thursday stated that the Balach Shotar (riverbed) is a state property and hunting of migratory birds in the area is totally banned from now onward.

The office of the deputy commissioner said that a meeting was held with the DC Anwarul Haq in chair and attended by officials concerned from different departments.

The meeting discussed the matter and decided to ban hunting in the riverbed. 

It was also decided that strict action would be taken against anyone found violating the ban and killing migratory birds.

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  1. Mohammad Ilyas Ahmed says

    Hunting is a manly practice and the part of Chitrali culture. The government allows it and issues permits. Least birds are hunted in Chitral compared to other plain areas. Yes, Chitralis spend a lot and make more effort in making ponds etc.
    Who are those people to ban it, have these people turned vegetarians.
    In Hindumat flesh is prohibited. If they’re feeling pity for birds and animals they shouldn’t eat chicken, beef and lamb. All are animals. Another modernist cry is also on the run that Muslims slaughter thousands in the Eid UL Azha that is also a cruel practice.
    In the name of pity and western branded modernization, one should not lose the theologies of Islam. Riverbeds are the only hunting places in Chitral. The decision must be reconsidered.

  2. Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah says

    Not only Balach but hunting of ducks and pidgeons, rather all animals, should be banned in both the districts. Killing birds and harmless animals for pleasure is a cruel trait of human beings which should be discouraged whenever and in whatever way possible.

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