Hunza added to tourist destinations

Korea adds Gilgit, Hunza to list of tourist destinations

ISLAMABAD: Korea has added Gilgit, Hunza and Skardu to its list of tourist destinations in Pakistan for its nationals intending to visit in groups, said the Ambassador of Korea in Islamabad, Suh Sangpyo.

“Another important area in promoting people to people exchange is tourism. As Pakistan’s security situation improves so does Korea’s travel advisory to Pakistan. This year, the Korean government added Gilgit, Hunza and Skardu, to allow group tours. I hope to see Korea group tour programme to start soon to visit Pakistan’s beautiful northern areas,” Ambassador Suh Sangpyo announced at theKorea National Foundation day and 74th Armed forces day.

Diplomats, Pakistani parliamentarians, local dignitaries and members of armed forces from embassies filled the reception held outdoor, which, according to the ambassador, was not possible in the past two years of the pandemic. “With restrictions lifted it is high time to rejuvenate people to people exchanges with Pakistan.

“I hope people of the two countries will enhance their friendship. In this sense, facing the recent disastrous floods in Pakistan, people in Korea moved to provide for victims of the floods. Big names such as Samsung, contributed more than $500,000 in flood relief. Surely the government will provide a sum of $300, 000 and announce an increase in the relief of amount soon,” said Suh Sangpyo.

In Karachi on Wednesday, the ambassador handed over to the Pakistani authorities urgently needed items for flood victims. “During my stay in Karachi, I also met Koreans visiting and helping in Sindh to help people return to normalcy,” he said adding, “Korean government and its people stood by Pakistan and its people.”

Most encouraging this year, had been the increase in numbers of Pakistani workers from 1,000 to 2,500. “I am also happy to note that numbers of Pakistani students in Korea is also growing,” the Ambassador informed his guests.

The Ambassador also invited guests to the2030 Busan world expo, in a beautiful environment friendly seaport with high tech infrastructure. “Once it’s organised, people from the world will enjoy cutting technology for sustainable and inclusive future of the world,” he said.

After the recent visit of Korean national assembly members, Suh Sangpyo, hoped that people to people exchanges would strengthen.

Minister for Board of Investment, Ch Salik Hussain, appreciated assistance from the Korean government in construction of infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

“We appreciate the employment opportunities offered to Pakistan’s skilled labour force but it is a matter of concern that bilateral FDI inflows are much below the true potential. I am happy to share that tech giant Samsung has partnered with Pakistani company for assembling smart phones in Pakistan. It is a significant milestone. “Furthermore, with support of Korea South East power company, the government of Pakistan has inaugurated Gulpur hydro power project with the capacity of generating 102 MW annually,” he said.

Earlier,Pakistan National Taekwondo team comprising five women and seven men from Pakistan Army with their coach Choi Seong Oh, demonstrated martial arts techniques.



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