Auction of gas plants stayed by court

PESHAWAR: Peshawar High Court (PHC) has stayed the proposed auction of gas plants arranged for three locations in Chitral by the previous PML-N federal government. 

The stay was ordered on a petition filed by Drosh Action Forum president Razitu Billah through his lawyer Sher Haider. 

The plants were to be installed in Drosh, Ayun and Broze in Lower Chitral. However, after coming to power, the PTI government shelved the project even though land and machinery had been purchased. 

The PTI government had later ordered auction of the plants along with the land which was stayed by the high court.   

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  1. Instead of wasting time on pursuing an unpractical and unfesable project, we should struggle for cheap electricity which is feasable and doable. Asking for imported gas from storage tanks to reach homes through pipelines is a ridiculous idea. The experiment has failed and been abandoned in Gilgit soon after starting it. We should learn from other’s mistakes if we do not have enough brains to think ourselves.

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