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Youth polo festival ends; Chitral team lifts cup

Youth polo festival in Chitral 2022

GH Farooqui

CHITRAL: The team of Chitral lifted the trophy of annual youth polo festival after defeating Drosh here on Sunday. 

As many as 17 teams from the tehsils of Chitral and Drosh participated in the youth polo festival which continued for 10 days. The event was organized by the district administration of Lower Chitral.

Though players of Drosh lacked practice as the only polo ground in the town of Drosh has been abandoned for the last 38 years, they played well in the final as well as during the other matches. In the final, the Chitral team scored three goals against one of the Drosh team.  

Polo coach Aftab Alam told ChitralToday that the game of polo was costly and needed government patronage. This will also attract tourists from across the country and abroad, he added.

Deputy Commissioner Anwarul Haq, who was chief guest, said steps would be taken to promote the game of polo.  


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