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Faulty transformer becomes a headache for consumers

A transformer which has become albatross around consumers’ neck.

I’m writing this letter on behlaf of the 500 people of Jangbazar, Chitral, to bring into the notice of the concerned departments the issue of a transformer which frequently develops fault creating lots of problems for the consumers.

There’s only one transformer in front of Kashmir bakery to cover the large area of Jangbazar along with Children Hospital and some area of Goldur.

This is not the first time we are facing this rather it has become a monthly issue through which we have been going through for many years.

Due to overload, the transformer of 200kw does not work properly and every month develops fault.

Then the transformer is changed and a secondhand transformer is brought again from Chikidara just to repeat the circle again. 

The DC office has its own transformer from which we, living beside the office, aren’t allowed to get connection. 

Therefore , we, more than 500 people residents request the concerned departments either to allow us to get connection from the transformer of the DC office or any other transformer of 50kw should be arranged for us to resolve the issue permanently.


Aqib Jangbazar.



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