Man kills brother over petty dispute in Upper Chitral

CHITRAL: A man murdered his brother over a petty dispute in Chuinj village of tehsil Mastuj in Upper Chitral, local people told ChitralToday correspondent on Friday.

The Mastuj police identified the killer as Syed Nizar Ali Shah and the deceased as his elder brother Sardar Ali Shah, sons of Buland Shah.

The local residents said at about 10:30am on Friday, the two exchanged harsh words during which Nizar allegedly opened fire at Sardar from a gun, injuring him critically, and escaped.

The injured was taken to the Rural Health Centre (RHC) where he died at about 11:30am.

The police have shifted the body for a postmortem and registered a case against the alleged killer and started efforts to arrest him.

The locals said Nizar had stopped supply of drinking water to Sardar and in response the latter blocked the road passing beside his house to Nizar.

On Friday, the two brothers exchanged hash words during which Nizar opened fire at Sardar and escaped on foot carrying the gun.

The deceased’s wife and four children were in Ghizer, in her parents’ house, when the incident occurred. It has been learnt that Nizar was already involved in scores of terror cases in different parts of KP and had been put in under Schedule IV (watch list) of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

During the Shandur polo festival in July this year, he had blocked the road in Chuinj and extorted money from travellers openly, but no action was taken against him.  

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