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Chitrali man arrested in murder case in Hassanabdal

TAXILA: Police in Hassanabdal have arrested a man hailing from Chitral for allegedly murdering the ex-husband of his sister a few weeks  ago. 

According to the police, the suspected killer, Sadiqullah, son of Amanullah, a resident of Ursoon, Drosh, had gone underground after murdering Amin, the ex-husband of his sister. A court in Hassanabdal had already declared him a proclaimed offender. 

Sources told ChitralToday that Amin, a resident of Hassanabdal, had married Sadiqullah’s sister a few years ago. Early this year, Amin divorced his wife after which Sadiqlluah came to Hassanabdal from Chitral and allegedly shot him dead and escaped.

The police traced the alleged killer in Chitral through geo-fencing and other modern techniques and arrested him from there, said the sources.   


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