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Action sought over electrocution of two persons

AYON: The village council of Bumburate has passed a resolution condemning the negligence of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and its auxiliary departments which reportedly led to the death of two persons from the area two days ago.   

The village council met with its chairman Khalilur Rehman in the chair and all members and notables of the area in attendance.

On September 22, a driver and his helper were found electrocuted at riverside near Ayon. They were identified as driver Abdul Rahim, a resident of Saroozjal in the Bumburate valley, his helper Abdul Basit, also from Saroozjal. They were going to load sand/gravels into their jeep near Chitar bridge when the vehicle touched dangling and old electricity transmission wires between Dir and Chitral.

The village council at its meeting expressed grief and shock over the death of the two local residents. they said Rahim’s three children have become orphans and there was no one to look after them. Similarly, Basit, a young man, was the only bread-earner of his family. 

The village council held the power utility company responsible for the death of the two persons and said the government should compensate the bereaved families.

They also called upon the deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral to order an impartial inquiry into the incident and initiate legal action against the officials concerned of WAPDA.–Muhkam Uddin Ayoni     

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  1. In a civilized country, there would be no need of people protesting and demanding compensation for heirs of such victims of negligence. It is responsibility of state to ensure justice without any discrimination but in our case it is useless to cry over such crime as nothing will happen and the case will be forgotten soon.
    A few months ago an influential woman in her convoy of four vehicles at night time broke the red light in Islamabad and one of the land cruisers hit a small car killing four people in Islamabad. There was a hue and cry as a video of the incident went viral on social media but a few days later the matter cooled down and was forgotten. the woman still enjoys her life holding a government job.
    What one expects from the state which itself tramples law of the land.

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