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Gorbachev and Soviet Union

Prof Rahmat Karim Baig

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

A national English newspaper reported about Gorbachev’s death in the Central Medical Centre in Moscow a few days back and then gave him the credit of the dismembering Soviet Union during his tenure and applauded him for his achievements. The writer of the article has eulogized him for his disservices to the integrity of the communist super power.

It is true that Gorbachev broke the communist super power and disintegrated Soviet Union and paved the way for USA to play its global activities as seen everywhere in the world.  In fact, Gorbachev was a US agent, nourished from very early days by CIA to bring down the great rival which it could not dare to face openly.  The writer of the article should read the book ‘CIA ki Khufia jangen’ which is in the book shops all over Pakistan. The role played by Gorbachev as a puppet of CIA to disintegrate the grandeur of the Soviet State is unpardonable but the Russian leadership has shown great tolerance and let the ‘traitor’ stay in Russia and die an unlamentable death.

The cold war after 50s between the Soviet Union and USA and the Cuban missile crisis should be read to understand the rivalry and the upsurge of the ‘ Cold War’ thereafter had shaken the US policies and then CIA, instead of direct clash with the communist state, diverted its attention and focused on slow and long range policy of hitting Moscow by fostering a man out of the political leadership and under top secrecy he was made to move to the high ranks of the politburo and then after a number of poor quality leaders he came to power in Soviet Union.  Then, he began the real game for which he had been an understudy for so many years and he carried out the CIA intrigue and plan and broke the great Super power of the time who could openly challenge the US.

Gorbachev does not deserve any commendations for his anti Soviet actions and his role as a tool in the hands of CIA. His anonymity after the disintegration and now his death as a destroyer of a great Super power is but just a piece of news and does not deserve a drop of tear. During the great days of Soviet Union there was a balance of power between east and west and the US could not interfere in the affairs of Asian States openly but did ‘Khufia’ actions but now she is unbridled and playing her games in Asia as you know what he has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran and lately against China. The presence of Soviet Union as a Super power was an UMBRELLA for Asia.

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