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Defence Day celebrated at AKHSS Chitral

Defence Day celebrated at AKHSS Chitral

(Press Release)

CHITRAL: The Defence Day of Pakistan, September 6, 2022, was observed at Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS), Chitral.

The event had a three pronged objectives, firstly to pay tribute to the military and civil martyrs of the war of 1965 and to infuse the value of patriotism in students.

Secondly, the the observance was marked as a culmination of the month-long activities of Pakistan Independence celebrations 2022.

Thirdly, the day was made an occasion to appreciate students of the school who have had shown exemplary achievements in academics, cocurricular activities, sports and participation in various activities of the school.

It may also be noted that around 170 students actively participated in the month-long activities of independence month.

All these activities and achievements of students were meant to be acknowledged during September 6 observance which were linked to the students learning outcome of the subject of Pakistan Studies and the contents of the national curriculum.

During the formal Defence Day at AKHSS Chitral on September 6, students presented speeches, talk shows, drama, national songs, sketches , quiz and other activities.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mir Baiz Khan appreciated the activities of the students and shared his experience as principal of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Gilgit during the late 1990s. He shed light on the plurality of Pakistani society and the necessity to protect that plurality.

He said that defence of the country is not only the work of the military people, but it is also the duty of students, who could do that through quality education, innovation and scientific research.

 Dr. Riaz Hussain said that schools should not be taken as “exam preparatory centers”, but should be centers of excellence in imparting 21st century skills and citizenship education, which AKHSS Chitral is doing wonderfully.

He paid tribute to the sacrifices of the people of Pakistan who are working in military, education, health and other sectors towards the prosperity of the country.


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