Education loss from floods in Yarkhoon

Educational loss from floods in Yarkhoon

Shikwa zulmat-e-shab se to kahin behtar tha

Apne hisse ki koi shama jalate jaate… 

(Ahmed Faraz). 


Kaleem Kavish

These days, you might be scrolling social media all the time to find something of your interest but end up finding nothing on it but the devastation of flood everywhere. That’s exactly what has been happening here in Yarkhhoon too. People are going through that drastic and traumatized phase of their lives because of the catastrophic floods.

Since all social activists and local administrations are highlighting the issues of food, shelter, electricity and roads which the recent flooding has caused in Upper Chitral, I’m broken and upset to see that educational loss is nowhere to be focused which as a student and as a teacher I truly believe is an essential issue that can simply not be taken for granted and should equally be prioritized.

Just imagine, you wake up one morning with the news that all the schools are closed and find all your books, notes, schoolbag, school dress and every other thing of educational necessities you had flowing in a flood. God forbid thousand times!!! Just imagine, it has happened to you.

You are lucky if you are safe because that’s what has happened with almost 30 families in Pavur and Qazi Deh Yarkhoon which is a heart wrenching experience for helpless students who face such an unexpected challenges and even more disappointing that their representatives even aren’t considering their educational loss as an issue to ponder on.

I’m delighted that all the concerned authorities are working to do their level best to assist people in time of need and to fulfill their primary and secondary needs but they haven’t been able to meet people’s expectations because of the blockage of roads and many other obstacles but we truly hope that when the roads are restored they will reach out people with helpful hands to assist them in coming out of such a chaotic situation and it’s a humble request to our local and district administrations that kindly keep an educational loss of students in their utmost priority as well so that those helpless students can come out of the psychological stress because of their massive educational loss.

SAFO Mobile Library as you know is a newly established non-profit organization with an aim to facilitate students. Adequate resources and funds are sadly lacking at present which is why all the co-founders decided to donate from their pocket money to reach out 15 families in Qazi Deh and Pavur yesterday with school bags, books, copies, geometries and other educational necessities as a little effort to give them hope to continue their academic journey.

Natural calamities are inevitable but we can’t give up on the drastic situation and simply let the victim suffer as a result of it. Together, you and I have a moral responsibility to do all we can to reach out those who are looking at us with hope to be assisted. We can easily skip a meal, a party, a trip, a lavish dinner and donate those saving for a noble cause and can give those little kids a reason back to cherish their educational journey with no stress and worries in minds.

Therefore, it’s an utmost request to everyone out there that kindly show some generosity and help us in reaching all those effected students who are left and whom we haven’t been able to assist, we will happily reach them out on your behalf. 

We have done a survey yesterday and those who are willing to contribute to this cause or want details of those affected families are encouraged to approach us through the given Whatsapp contact: 03421502284. Your contribution will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!!! 

(The writer is co-founder @SAFO mobile library).

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